Require Doctors working from home

We request Registered Doctors who have Laptop and Broadband at home and are willing to consult online, please contact +91 63668 37717 / 37 and +91 99021 21500. You can also mail us at or WhatsApp your details as below
Details required:
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Qualification
4. MCI Reg Number
5. Email Id
6. Specialty
7. Scanned signature copy
8. Number of Years of Experience
9. Date of Birth
10 Languages known
11 Location of Doctor (Lat,Long or Pin Code )

The initiative is to help patients who has flu or any symptoms to consult Doctor online. Based on Doctor recommendations and the analysis of symptoms , the probability of Covid-19 will be calculated. If the Covid19 probability is high, then appropriate back ground activity will be kicked off to help patient to get tested, quarantine or even to send Ambulance

What in this for Doctor? First two days, we may not pay any remuneration . Following 3rd day onwards, for each consultation Doctor will be paid. This will be informed in 48 hrs. The time slots are up to the Doctor. Only Doctors who are online will be given cases. There is no predefined time slots.